The Church Resources Agency – building bridges between the Church, society and people

The Church Resources Agency (in Finnish Kirkkopalvelut) is a national co-operation and service organisation for parishes and other Christian bodies in Finland. It endeavours to build a just society, to help the Church to be successful and renew itself, to educate and train, and to care for people and promote wellness.

The Church Resources Agency is the organizer of the Common Responsibility Campaign (in Finnish Yhteisvastuukeräys) which helps those in need irrespective of their origin, faith or political convictions both in Finland and in developing countries. We also organize another fundraising campaign called Kotimaanapu which collects financial aid for variable charity projects in Finland

The Church Resources Agency also arranges the Finnish Church Gathering (in Finnish Kirkkopäivät), coordinates the  the Roadside Church activities, and provides wellness and social services by the name Valona-hyvinvointi. Owned by the Church Resources Agency, Sacrum-Kotimaa Oy is a publishing company and professional communications service provider.

As a part of the Church Resources Agency, the STEP Education (in Finnish STEP-koulutus) offers educational opportunities to 3,500 students. The College operates from its campuses in Järvenpää, Pieksämäki and Ruokolahti. From the beginning of 2017, Lapua Christian Institute and the vocational training offered by Kristliga Folkhögskolan i Nykarleby (Kredu) are also operating as part of the Church Training College.

The activities of the Church Resources Agency are guided by the values of faith, hope and love, the open folk church concept, a bold sense of social responsibility and a service-oriented approach to neighbourly love.

Together, the Church Resources Agency and Sacrum-Kotimaa Oy employ about 412 employees, who work primarily in Helsinki, Pieksämäki, Järvenpää, Ruokolahti and Lapua. Our turnover in 2019 was approximately 38,1 million euro. The members of the Church Resources Agency include 319 parishes, 60 organisations and 22 educational organisations (April 2019).